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iHacked the iNecklace 


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iHacked the iNecklace 

Written By: Marc de Vinck 


Scissors (1) 


iNecklace (1) 


This is a simple way to make the iNecklace light glow any color of the rainbow. In fact, it's 
so simple you can change it any time you want in a few minutes. No soldering required! 

Step 1 — iHacked the iNecklace 

• Start by taking the back off the 
iNecklace and removing its guts. 

• Once it's apart, use a small object 
like a toothpick, or even a paperclip 
to push out the plastic cover from 
the aluminum housing. It's still in 
the iNecklace in the picture. 

• It will come out easily, but don't 
push too hard or it will scratch. 

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iHacked the iNecklace 

Step 2 

• Now you need to find some suitable plastic. 

• I found the packaging for my studio light bulbs to work perfectly. Anything packaged 
similarly will work. 

• Cut off a small piece that is flat. It only needs to be approximately 3/4" x 3/4". 

Step 3 

• Next, trace around the white piece 
of plastic that you removed in step 
one onto the new piece of clear 

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iHacked the iNecklace 

Step 4 





flm ^ 




• Now you can use any permanent 
marker to customize the iNecklace. 
I chose purple since it's my wife's 
favorite color. 

• Color in the circle, and a little 
outside the edges. Yes, despite 
what you have been told all your 
life, you can color outside the lines! 
It's OK, I promise. 

• It works best if you color on the 
opposite side from the black 
outline. That way the outline 
won't smudge. 

Step 5 


• Next, cut the plastic circle out. 

• Be sure to cut a little on the 
inside of the traced outline. A 
slightly smaller plastic circle is 
better. It makes reassembly 

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iHacked the iNecklace 

Step 6 


• Last step is to assemble the modified iNecklace. 

• First, insert the colored piece of plastic with the newly colored side facing inwards. 

• Next, add the original white plastic diffuser. 

• Then the circuit board. 

• Followed by the battery and back cover. 

Now you can easily make your iNecklace any color you want! 

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